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Investment Junior ISA

Dependent upon the provider, Investment Junior ISAs can differ slightly from each other.

Many providers offer a stocks and shares junior isa where the account will invest in the stock market.

A lot of friendly mutual society providers offer what is known as an ethical junior isa which is similar to a
stocks and shares isa in where they only invest in ethical investments and do not directly invest in the firearms, alcohol and tobacco industries. It will invest in a smaller range of stocks and shares, company & private bonds, property and bank deposits. There is a slight possibility that these investments may not give as good a return as a stocks & shares junior isa but there is a lot less risk involved.

stocks and shares junior isa is a more adventurous investment junior isa which invests in a wider range of stocks and shares but carries a much greater level of risk and should be considered very carefully as the final total value of the Junior ISA may be less than the total of what was paid in.